Cory’s Crusade

Cory’s Crusade

Tim and I have some good friends who’s son has┬áHuntington’s Disease. It will be the fourth year we have supported the poker run. I would like to extend the invitation to anyone who is interested. Even if you don’t have a bike; come on out and see these guys. If nothing else it’s just good […]


When I got out of the Air Force in 2000; I started working for Ritz Camera. On every lens I sold I would always suggest a UV filter or a clear glass to protect the lens in case it gets dropped or bumped. New lenses already have a UV coating so you can use the […]

Lens Itself has a new look!

We just moved our website from the SmugMug hosting to a more functional, dynamic and feature rich WordPress website. Now we control the look, the layout and can offer you, the visitor, a better experience! So Welcome to our new home! In the up coming weeks we will be updating galleries, changing the look of […]