When I got out of the Air Force in 2000; I started working for Ritz Camera. On every lens I sold I would always suggest a UV filter or a clear glass to protect the lens in case it gets dropped or bumped. New lenses already have a UV coating so you can use the cheaper clear glass filters.  A few years ago I purchased a 50mm canon ultrasonic lens and didn’t take my own advise. The camera was dropped and the lens fell flat on the ground. This was a rather inexpensive lens so it was no big deal. When I purchased my 70-200 L lens; my partner reminded me of this and I shouldn’t take the chance. I have always been told to purchase good filters to go with good glass. So I decided to test an inexpensive Vivitar Series 1 HD Pro Multi-Coated Filter. In the mean time; I found test results on Lenstip.com on a few filters. The overall test results shows that the Hoya 72 mm HMC UV-0 was the best in over all performance verses price. I found one for $25. Not much more that what I paid for my Vivitar 3 piece kit. In short; you don’t have to pay an arm an a leg to protect your lens. I use my lens inside and outside. Rain or shine. I can’t go a day without me lens. It’s a good investment so protect your equipment.


If you would like to read the test results you can visit: Lenstip  1. Introduction

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