Larry Sutton – I started my photography career in 1997 while in the Airforce. It was a choice of buying a new motorcycle or a camera. I opt to purchase a camera and start my photography classes at Del Tech. With my Montgomery GI bill and an academic incentive scholarship, I started learning everything I could. When I was discharged, I worked at Ritz Camera. The Wolf Camera of Delaware. I wanted to know everything about the cameras that came in. Ritz gave me the opportunity to move back to Georgia where I worked at a local store.  From there I started working at Alum-A-Lift taking photos of products. It didn’t work out. My uncle called one day to tell me about HS Photo. They not only did their own prints, but they also owned Peachtree Portraits and Peachtree Imaging. During that time, Tim and I decided to open Lens Itself Photography in 2010. Tim is someone who I’ve trusted since High School. He builds web sites. He’s a good photographer and He was my roommate. Let’s do this!!! Over the years he has become one of the best macro photographers I know as well as a great Candid photographer. However, I’ll let him tell his story. How did I get into the movie industry? You’ll just have to ask me.


Tim Smith –


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