About Me

I started shooting photography after I joined the Air Force in 1996. It was a choice of a motorcycle or a camera and I choose the camera. The camera was a 35mm Canon Elan II. A little overkill for my first photography class but it gave me a chance to grow. I received an academic incentive scholarship at Del Tech just outside of Dover Air Force Base.

After leaving the Air Force I got a job at Ritz camera in the local mall. That gave me a chance to learn more about all types of cameras as I was teaching my customers how to use them. While I was there, I would also pick up photography jobs on the side. I transferred from that location to another in Georgia.

in 2010 I decided to start my own photography company. I would freelance for HS photo, Peachtree Portraits, and Marathon Photo. I photographed anything from action sports, senior portraits, green screen to large groups. At HS photo I became a photography supervisor and trainer for other photographers. When ┬áthe company decided to branch out into photographing police and fire departments, I was one of the first to train and go on the road. I’ve photographed several departments on the east coast. That included some very large departments including the Atlanta Fire Department and Atlanta Police Department among many others.

Larry J. Sutton